With double the resolution of Full HD, 4K enables users to capture the sharpest and most stunning video footage yet and edit without any fear of losing quality. Our 4K Video-Shoot Services produce videos of 3840x2160 resolution which is the native resolution for DCI-compliant digital projectors and monitors. Due to the high cost of this service, the 4K Video Recording is used only when fine details are crucial for the final production of thevideo. Whether it's an event, or a video taken at our studios, 4K is the ultimate resolution for post-production, resizing, cropping and adjusting the stabilization of the video.

Natalia J. Kate Studios differentiate itself from others by offering this service in the Middle East. Having your videos in 4K Quality is a method of future proofing and it helps in keeping you and your business at the front. We collect and create all of the material that we will need to produce your multi-media project in 4K. This might include videotaping in a two, three or four camera-shoot and additional post-video production services. We recommend this videotaping quality for events.