Photography Services

Our Photographers and Photo Editing Team have successfully delivered more than 40,000 commercial and corporate photos with complete albums and portfolios during since its establishment. We consider the use of creative style, technique, location and lighting as integral part to a photo-shoot composition and we utilize everything new in the world of photography to produce a variety of picture-themes that are simply suitable for printing, editorial and commercial use. In addition to that, our studios produce Editorial and Print-Ready Catalogues/Albums that reach a diverse list of local and international brands in the Middle East.

Multiple Full Frame Camera Bodies and High-Quality, Custom and Professional Lenses: We shoot primarily with Canon / Nikon full-frame camera bodies. We also carry a wide range of Lenses from Micro, Wide-Angel, Portrait, Standard and Super-Zoom Lenses with Full Filtering System.

Professional Hensel & Aputure Lighting Systems: Pro level lighting equipment with a wide range of reflectors, soft-boxes, umbrellas and light modifiers that provide powerful and creative lighting to add to the overall quality of the pictures. For standard photo-shoot, we carry LinkStar soft-boxes and reflectors.

High-Speed (Speedlight Flash Units): for spectacular image capture of high-speed indoors and outdoors.

Various Photography Backgrounds: High-key illuminated backdrops and backgrounds for Fashion and Portraits shoots. Low-key backdrops for Boudoir, Explicit, Artistic and Vintage picture-themes. Rear-lit backgrounds in different sizes with the ability to quickly switch between Low-High lighting environment.

Realistic Lighting Environment: Sometimes, the studio environment is not enough to convey the ambiance, atmosphere and sensuality of Glamour & Boudoir Shoots. Our Active Photography Units features its own setups and sessions in Exclusive and Luxury Hotels in Bahrain, where facilities such as swimming pools and executive suits along with mobile studio equipment can be used to create a realistic atmosphere for Boudoir Shoots.

Covered Locations &  Offered Photography Types 

Our Photographic Services are designed to cover and serve businesses and brands by employing dependent photography units in Several Locations. The Photo-Shoot Sessions, Setups and Production Processes are delivered to our corporate-customers with special consideration to the advertising aspects in the Middle East Market. In terms of Photography Types, we believe that ART has been created to be embraced, and not to be judged, and our services cover the most common photography types and takes more steps, from the simple and beautiful desert landscapes, to the luxurious hotel hosted photo sessions. The environment that we carry our work in dictates the types that we can work with.


Editorial, Events-Coverage, Landscape, Corporate / Commercial / Promotional, High-Fashion, Boudoir, Artistic, Explicit and Hotel Hosted


Editorial, Events-Coverage, Landscape, Corporate / Commercial / Promotional, High-Fashion, Boudoir and Artistic