Secure NX Communication Channel

NX Secure Communication Channel

We've been using a secure e-mail system since the establishment of our online model management. The Secure NX Communication Channel has been designed to protect the users’ personal details from any unauthorized access. As a video production agency, our Model Management receives applications containing personal details, portfolios and pictures of individuals who are interested in joining the modeling industry or want to participate in the videos that we make from time to time. Here’s how things work in terms of communication.

The first step in adding you to our Secure NX Communication Channel is to provide you with a secure e-Mail address that allows you to interact and engage with photographers and video editors on request. For example ( In the second step, NJKS will create your portfolio, which is simply a profile containing your details and best pictures. Your basic profile will be visible to our freelance photographers and video editors, but no one can access your full profile and see your details until you read the OFFER and choose either to RESPOND or DECLINE. By Responding, NJKS will allow the requester to access your profile and contact you through our Secure e-Mail.

Secure and Easy Access From your Desktop and Cellphone

secure nx channel

We implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information and pictures when you enter, submit, or access your e-Mail. When you submit personal information on our website, such information and communications are protected both while you are online and offline in compliance with NJKS and the known international Modelling norms, we will not distribute your personal information to outside parties without your consent. To deactivate and delete your secure e-Mail, send a message from the same e-Mail to