Natalia J. Kate Studios' Green Screen Pack 3 [Chroma-Key]



We love Green-Screen! Green-Screen is fun and there are many amazing things you can do with it especially when combining the content with today's advanced software. The basic idea of Green-Screen is to have a subject against a single color background then use a feature called color keying, color-separation overlay which is available in most post-processing software. The effect is mainly used for creating transparent pictures and videos with Green-Screen effects or elements. 

NJKS Tip: If you are into video editing and consider making Green-Screen / Chroma Key content, we highly advise you to do so.. video editors are always looking for new elements to add to their projects, and without any exaggeration, a short green-screen footage of 15 second can be easily sold for 30$ or even 50$ if it's done properly and matches your customer views on the project. It's a worthwhile experience!


However, if you don't have the time to create you own footage and looking for green-screen elements for your videos, take a look at our Green-Screen Pack (3) which include a large collection of exclusive videos that can be easily edited with a professional editing software and added to your project. You'll have the chance to divide the different elements in each video and customize their speed, appearance and other effects. 

NJKS Tip: You can use freeware video software such as (VSDC) to edit downloaded green-screen videos, and freeware photo editing software (PhotoScape) to edit transparent pictures in PNG format. For the best results, and for editing 1080p & 4K Content, it's highly recommended to use a professional video editing software such as Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas or The Foundry's Nuke.


Another great thing that you can do with green-screen content is the creation of silhouettes, and we've included high-quality sets of still and motion silhouettes with a number of visual effects. All the content is produced using a professional lighting equipment, specialized green-screen kit and customized MoveOver sliders for smooth movements from slide-to-slide. If you have any questions about the use of the green-screen pack or any of its elements, effects or software, you can get in touch by clicking on (Contact Us) Icon on the upper right corner of the screen. Enjoy!

Green Screen Pack 3_Pre from Natalia J. Kate on Vimeo.

Green Screen Pack 3 from Natalia J. Kate on Vimeo.