Anonymous Modeling

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What is Anonymous Modeling?

Anonymous Modeling usually means that the face of the model won’t appear in the shots. It is also known as “Hands, Legs & Feet Modeling” or “Parts Modeling”. In the Middle East, many agencies rely on Anonymous Models in producing content for Accessory Brands and especially for products like jewelry, watches, hosieries, shape wears and intimates.

Is Anonymous Modeling In High-Demand ?

Yes, Anonymous Modeling is in High-Demand. If you ever wondered whose hands appear in the ads of beauty products on the internet, magazines or TV, well chances are it's a professional Anonymous Model. In addition to its simple idea, there are many factors that made this type of modeling popular among advertising agencies in the Middle East.

Seems Too Easy But It's not..

Being an Anonymous Model may seem simple and easy, but it can be as grueling and intense as being a normal model who poses in front of the camera for hours. Anonymous Models don’t promote a single product, but a whole host of products and that requires a great deal of flexibility. Imagine a list of 90 products and 3 hours time-frame.

Techniques Used in Anonymous Modeling

When we talk about Still Photography, Close-Up shooting is the main technique used in Anonymous Modeling which displays the most details but does not include the broader scene. In videos, Lean-in and Lean-Out are the techniques used to produce the content.

Comparison In Terms of Earning

Anonymous Modeling is a vital element for brands when trying to sell their products, so it's as important as any other type of Modeling and the earning rate is usually similar. As noted previously, The promotion will be for a large collection of products and not a single product. The more time a model spends in a studio, the more she earns. 

How To Become An Anonymous Model?

It may sound like a very strange profession to have, but many people make a lot of money just modeling parts of their bodies that have a special quality to them. To start your way through this type of Modeling, you need to find the strength points in your body. Have you ever been told that you have soft hands, perfect legs, attractive body or a great front / side look wearing your bra or lingerie? If you have what it takes, then you may be ready to start.


For more information on how to become An Anonymous Model, simply contact our Model Management and discuss how you could start by clicking HERE.