Subtitling and Dubbing Services


Natalia J. Kate Studios is pleased to offer more services to its corporate-customers in the Middle East. The new Subtitling and Dubbing services are seamlessly integrated with our video production services. That means you can request subtitles and dubbing for your requested video and download translated transcripts and multilingual video subtitles directly from e-mail. Our caption plugins, in addition to other video plugins can be also integrated with your video production process and support multiple languages with scene selector for each language version. 

Our translations are not word for word or literal. NJKS Subtitling and Dubbing are always done by professional individuals who are able to accurately capture the cultural nuances of your video content whether in writing or recording. Each professional has area-specific expertise across a wide range of topics, including entertainment and advertising. At NJKS, the highest priority is to ensure that your message reaches your audience accurately and effectively in any market and any culture.

We Reach Your Clients In The Entertainment Industry!

Before deciding to advertise for your business, brand or product in the Middle East, you need to know that there are certain standards to get your video published on TV or  Internet (Which are different from the globally known standards). For example, you don't really want your website or service to be blocked for not paying attention to small cultural differences especially when advertising for (Fashion, Lingerie, Entertainment and Highly Artistic Visuals as the TV/Internet is heavily censored). NJKS believes in the internet freedom and supports counter-censorship but in certain cases we will do some "Filtering" for your videos prior publishing to assure targeting the audience with suitable content. 


Once receiving your order, it will be automatically assigned to one of NJKS staff. Over 95% of subtitling and dubbing orders submitted to NJKS are completed in under 24 hours, and most orders are returned in short-time (with video length that doesn't exceed 66 minutes). If you have a large archive of videos or would like to work with us on long-term, please contact us on and we will develop a schedule that suits your needs and get your tasks done.