Studio Designs & Setups

Including Professional Lighting Equipment

Nowadays, Studio Setups and Designs have become overly complex, complicated and expensive to afford especially on artistic and corporate levels. Some photographers tend to use equipment of substandard quality and this usually leads to overexposed pictures that require too much editing. Over-editing will make the pictures lose their natural touch and add unrealistic elements to the photos. In Photography, we call this "Camouflage" and it does not represent professionalism.

Natalia J. Kate Photographic Services & Equipment offers various professional still photo setups and rentals for businesses and amateur photographers. On average, a complete professional business studio will cost about $18,000 – $20,000 including cameras, lenses, gear, business essentials, computer and software. While mobile / portable studios and lighting setups may cost around $8,000 to $10,000. We have setup quite a large number of business and portable studios in Bahrain and other neighboring countries. Now you can choose from various professional setups and designs that are suitable for your budget and needs.


What Do We Offer ?

1) Professional Mobile Studio Setups and On-Site Printing Services. Keep your guest entertained with our Mobile Studio Setups and Instant On-Site Printing Service. This service is offered indoors and outdoors and includes professional lighting rig, props, various featured photography backgrounds (Low-Key Backdrops, High-Illuminated Backdrops, Back-Lit Backdrops, Chroma-Key and Green-Screen Technology Backgrounds if video taping was requested on your order) as well as high quality prints and digital albums provided at your event location within an agreed time-frame. Smoke Machines, Disco lights, Camera Sliders and other equipment and themes (Artistic, Vintage, Hollywood Style Retouching, 4-Angle Cameras) can be added to your custom request and delivered instantly on-location.

Note: We require minimum of 12ftx16ft space for our basic event photography setup, but more space may be required for our laptops, printers and additional seating area depending on the requested equipment and service. All requests should be made 6 hours prior the event start (24h if your event isn't held in the Kingdom of Bahrain).

2) Build Your Own Professional and Unique Studio and Reflect Your Style! Our Stores and Online-Stores provide you with all what you need to setup and design your studio based on your needs. Our products include photography studio equipment, studio strobe systems, modifiers, chroma-key, green-screen setups as well as many other lighting accessories and high-end equipment. We carry all of the top brands such as Linkstar, Aputure, Hensel, JVC and Panasonic. This service includes free shipping, free setup, product warranty and technical support.